Sharp tools demand sharp craftsmen.

Level up with Seasoned Git,
a new book with practical recipes
for sharp software craftsmen.

by Arjan van der Gaag

About Seasoned Git

Seasoned Git is aimed at intermediate users of Git, the distributed version control system. With over 50 practical recipes for real-world scenarios, it will help you get out of confusing situations, understand what’s going on, and improve your workflow. Seasoned Git will be sold as an ebook suited for iPad, Kindle and desktop reading.

After reading Seasoned Git, you will…

  • understand the various types of Git objects;

  • use advanced tools such as rebase and merge without fear;

  • be able to explain how remote tracking branches work;

  • use Git with confidence.

Download the full table of contents for Seasoned Git, or read an excerpt.

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Who is the book for?

Seasoned Git can help intermediate users of Git improve their skills and gain a deeper understanding of how Git works. It can help beginners with clear recipes for tricky problems. And advanced users are sure to find some nuggets and party tricks to impress their friends with.

About the author

Arjan van der Gaag is a software engineer at Brightin, NL. He has been crafting objects and pushing pixels with the help of Git for years. Arjan is also an experienced teacher of modern web development and agile methods, helping teams to explore and improve. Also, he is happily married, a father-of-two and likes explaining history trivia to his genial dog.


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